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About Us

About Us

In 1994, I was not present for a difficult labor as the filly showed no traditional signs and went a little earlier than I thought she would.  Oxygen depravation in the foal caused brain damage and missing the colostrum window left his immune system wide open.  Three days and $700 in vet bills later, the foal died and we almost lost the mare.  Had I known she was in labor,  11 months worth of planning would have had a happy ending.

At the time, I was assigned to an undercover narcotics unit and did most of the video setup.  Wireless video transmitters were relatively new and very expensive. So, being the good underpaid public servant that I was, I borrowed (with permission) a camera and transmitter set for the next mare due.  My barn was too far to wire and the old way of checking a couple times a night just didn't seem worth the risk.  I wasn't new to the game but with the video running five feet from my bed, I couldn't believe the signs that I had been missing.  I had camped out in the barn many times and not seen the pacing, pawing and up and down routines to the extent that I was watching.  After just a couple mares foaling on video, it was no longer a guess as to when she was going to foal.  I could watch just a few minutes and know that it was time to be on standby.  The first year, we saved a foal we would have normally missed, as the mare showed no signs either.

Within a short time, I'd bought my own system.  After test marketing several barn camera systems  in the mid 90's, I opened our original website in 1997.  We were the first and others quickly followed.  Most were looking for the quick dollar in an industry wide open to the new concept but they couldn't find a barn door if their hands were on it.  They'd base they're prices on ours, then try undercutting  us by just a few dollars by selling junk.  We stayed with the Law Enforcement based equipment that started it all and here we are more than a decade later still using the quality equipment, still competing with junk. 

Oringally marketed for horses, cattle and sheep now make up the majority of our customers.  It does not matter what you're watching (if anything) we'll provide you with quality equipment and service.

What started as a side line for a cop trying to provide a little extra for his family has grown into a multi million dollar industry and the cop who started it all is now retired and 100% barn cameras. In 2018, my daughter Kacy Hildebrand (pictured above) now a mother of two, joined me full time.  We truely are a family business.

My once little company has grown but my commitment to provide quality equipment and service at a fair price remains.  I hope you will trust in us as thousands have done throughout the years.

Thanks for visiting,

Dave Fickenscher



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