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Security Recording

For many of us, the days of the full time farm job are gone.  We go to the day job and leave unattended a wealth of equipment and personal belongings. As I put together this page, I find it hard to make it cover all the bases. With our Law Enforcement background, we understand all too well the flexibility necessary for security based video recording. With this said, we have below listed some bundled choices. If what you see doesn't fit your need, or you are not sure what you need, give us a call. We'll offer a no sales pitch approach to what you can do. Again, as it is geared at livestock video monitoring, this site in no way lists all of your security camera options. Whether you simply need to turn your barn camera onto the driveway 11 months a year and record, or you're looking for a 16 camera infrared system on a stand alone Digital Video Recorder with motion sensing and remote access, we can help. Riverwind’s weatherproof cameras have been researched, tested and used in some of the toughest environments for more than a decade.  When you sell equipment choosen to work in a barn, it becomes the perfect choice for farm security.

Sometimes this is much easier explained on the phone.  Don't hesitate to give us a call.





The Plex series DVR's are economically priced line of security DVR that  offers remote viewing through smart phone devices on 3G/4G networks, tablets and home computers connected to a router.  This DVR was chosen because the simplicity of use and durability needed in our application.  It uses the TVI high definition format and is backward compatible to analog cameras and transceivers 

Multiplex Operation

Perform more than one operation at once - record live video, playback a video file to search for an incident, start a backup operation, etc. All of these operations (and more) can be done at the same time so nothing interferes with your recording capability.

Easy LAN Connection and Setup

Programming and setup is easy using the on-screen display (OSD) menu. Plug in your IP numbers and connection details and get trouble-free communication on your network.

Remote Operation

Thanks to the built-in webserver you can use a PC or a MAC computer to login and view your DVR from remote locations while you are away. Password (user/admin) security prevents unauthorized access. Multiple user can watch at the same time.  The free smart-phone tablet app is available on both Android and Apple iOS.  There is no charge for it's use aside from your data agreement with your ISP.

Remote Support

Riverwind Supply uses Teamviewer for quick easy and safe remote support.  We'll set the tech stuff up while you watch.  If the internet company changes stuff up on you, not a problem.  Call us anytime and we'll reconfigure the system.

cow camera
All Images captured (full screen) from customer's DVRs with permission.
  • Camera Inputs: 4 or 8 channels
  • Video Outputs: 1 composite, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI
  • Real Time recording
  • Video compression: H264 (h.264)
  • Menu: On-Screen Display (OSD) for easy programming
  • SATA HDD support
  • Remote Operation Software: Licensed software AP, IE browser (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7 and 8 compatible)
  • Recording Modes: Manual / Timer / Motion / Sensor
  • USB mouse port
  • Infrared Remote Control included
  • RJ-45 style LAN connector with activity LED
  • Power: 12VDC (power adapter included)
  • Supports iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile
  • Manual included
  • One year warranty

Recordable DVR pricing

Plex4 (4) port  DVR with 1 TB Hard Drive.  Recording and live viewing.

includes power, connection cable, setup disk with a full manual. Internet Explorer, Safari and Smart Phone interface. 



Plex8Q (8) port DVR  with 1 TB Hard Drive. Recording and live.

includes power, connection cable, setup disk with a full manual. Internet Explorer, Safari and Smart Phone interface This includes $50 for remote in tech setup.  If not needed, you may deduct this amount


Camera 1 and Camera 2 Weatherproof Color IR Camera, 60 ft of cable each and power supplies

$167 per set

Camera 3 Weatherproof Color IR Camera, 60 ft of cable and power supply.

$125 oer set

Cameras 4 through 8,Weatherproof Color IR Cameras, 60 ft of cable each and power supplies

$100 per set

Upgrade to 1080p 3.6mm lens, Color IR

add $30 per camera

Upgrade to 1080p fisheye lens, 135 degree Color IR

add $60 per camera

Increase any cable lto 100 feet

add $10 per cable

Add wireless point to point if DVR is placed away from the router and online access is desired.  Wireless 3 miles line of sight.


Upgrade to 2 TB Hard Drive for longer record times.

add $35



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