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Security Recording

For many of us, the days of the full time farm job are gone.  We go to the day job and leave unattended a wealth of equipment and personal belongings. As I put together this page, I find it hard to make it cover all the bases. With our Law Enforcement background, we understand all too well the flexibility necessary for security based video recording. With this said, security applications are best discussed on the phone.  We'll pull up an areal photo and give you an estimate based upon your needs.  Both of our systems record in HD and depending on your needs, either may be appropriate.  We presently have security based systems in farms, vet clinics, coal mines, railroad yards, major university farms and too many businesses to count.  It is also possible to add security cameras at the house that will show up with your barn cameras so you don't have to have two systems.  Recording is possible full time and with motion so reviewing the days or months events is much easier.  Typically, a locally installed security camera system will be 300% more when looking at other commercial equipment.  You'll have to climb the ladder, but we'll handle all the tech setup through your PC while you watch.  As always, tech support is included for the life of the system.  To date, we have help customers catch thieves, arsonist, sex offenders, greedy  relatives and more.  We're confident we can provide you with a system that will last and suit your needs,

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