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Questions and Orders

We have an online ordering system to expedite your purchase.  If you've already spoken with us or know exactly what you need feel free to use the secure system.  If unsure of any part i.e. distances needs, camera angles, how the systems works, etc. please give us a call.  To access our online ordering system us the link next to the product in the price table.

We know a barn camera is a significant purchase and you have every right to know who your trusting with your money.  We've included a little bio about us. Please call, we'll gladly answer your questions without any sales pressure.  Items generally ship with in one business day. For warranty, return and payment information please view our Terms and Conditions.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Toll Free (888)409-7665    Email sales.support@foalingcamera.com

Mailing Address

Riverwind Surveillance Supply
13124 Pleasant Ridge Rd
Alexandria KY  41001


Customer Service: 888-409-7665


Consumer Sales: sales.support@foalingcamera.com
Technical Support: sales.support@foalingcamera.com

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5:00PM EST, Monday-Friday

For Question or Comments please call or email us.  We try and respond to emails within 24 hours

For tech support, visit www.Barnwatcher.com/support


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