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Wireless Barn Camera Systems Overview

Overview (Click here for pricing)

For those who don't wish to go wireless or want save a little money and don't mind laying cable on a temporary basis, Riverwind offers a variety of cameras to suit your needs.  Below are kits as well as individual cameras if you have cable already in place or wish to replace cameras in place.

Wired Weatherproof Day/Night Barn Camera Kit

Color Images during the Day & B/W images at Night

Our Wired Barn Camera Kit is an effective tool that can help to ensure peace of mind and the safety of your horse and property. The Wired Barn Camera is installed in the barn and eliminates the need to sleep in the barn when a horse needs to be monitored. Now you can monitor your horse from the comfort and warmth of your home. We no longer carry nor sell 1000 or 500 foot cable lengths.  This coax cable is available locally at the big box hardware stores cheaper than we can buy it and ship it.  The prices have been reduced and include everything needed except the cable.

The Kit includes: A Weatherproof Color Day/Night CCD Camera, 12V AC Power Supply for camera, 50 feet of video/power cable to easily place your camera in the barn.  You must supply the cable house to barn. 


  • Color IR camera - 600 line resolution, 0 lux
  • Wide Angle 3.6mm Lens (90 degree field of view)
  • 50 feet of cable for inside the (coax site to camera)
  • 12 volt AC adpater for camera power
  • One year warranty

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