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How far will the wireless work (Distance from my house to my barn)?

We use the same antenna system on our High Definition Wireless and our Stand-Alone Wireless System.  It has a 3 mile line of sight rating.  It can get through a few trees or limbs but you should be able to see the barn.  If the barn is out of view, we can build a repeater system if you have a common spot that can see both locations and has electric.  This would extend it to 6 miles, 3 mile from the repeater in each direction.  Our Traditional system comes in  2 distance ranges. With both, you will see a line of sight rating as well as recommended distances. With most farm setups, you can possibly place the house antenna inside.  It does not do well through masonry or metal, regular walls drop the distance a little but most have no trouble out to 500 feet.  After that, give it a try, but always be sure you can place the antenna outside if need be.

My barn is metal sided. Will the wireless work?

Yes, our system is effective for both wood and metal barns. We do not carry separate systems for the different barns. What other's sell as a wood barn camera is a non-weatherproof transmitter camera that does not hold up to damp, dusty barn use. With our system, the camera can be placed where ever you wish. Place the transmitter on the outside of the metal barn walls facing the house. This allows for a clear signal for the metal barn owner and a little added distance for the wood barn as the signal does not have to penetrate the barn walls on it's way to your home.

Why do you mention cable when it's a wireless system?

Although they are getting better, complete wireless systems are made for doorbells or around your home where they connect to the router.  They don't work well at distances most barns carry nor will they work in metal buildings.  Our cameras in both systems cable back to a control unit which connects them to an exterior antenna.  On the HD Wireless System, we supply the cable, on the Stand-Alone System, you supply the cable, but it's easily picked up at most retail, electronics or hardware stores. 

I cannot see my barn from the house, will they work?

That depends, if you cannot see any part of the barn (roof, corner or nearby pole) from the house because of trees, hills, etc.. No, wireless is probably not for you. If you cannot see the barn because of an outbuilding that is wood sided then you may be ok. You are going to decrease your distance by shooting through the wood outbuilding so you may need to over compensate on the transmitter model.

If you can see any part of the barn such as the roof or a nearby utility pole then yes you can make it work. The transmitter should be placed at the visible area. You may wish to view our transmitter video on our home page. It may explain it better.

Trees:; If you can see barn paint through the trees you're probably ok. Don't try getting a signal through a forest but a few trees won't hurt so long as you place the transmitter in the visible area.

Hills. If you can't shoot a rifle from the house to the barn without hitting mother earth, Wireless is not a good option. If the roof is visible or you can cable to an area that is, give us a call.

If you have internet at the barn, we can setup a system even without line of sight

If you have a common spot that both locations can see that has electric, we can include a repeater system.


How far away and wide will the cameras 6see?

The cameras effective distance and the width it see's depends on the focal length of the lens. Our most popular is our 2.8mm lens with a 103° field of view (High Def.) We also carry auto focusing zoom cameras for other focal length needs.  These are a fixed lens that will zoom from a 2.8 out to a 12 mm.  This is not meant to zoom in to see better as the subject would have to be centered but rather adapt to different distance needs. Need something special?  Give us a call we can usually have specialty cameras in a couple days.  Our systems will accept 4K cameras but we rarely do them as it's overkill inside a barn.


How much light is needed for the cameras to operate?

All of our cameras are Color / BW / Infrared.  They switch depending on the lighting conditions.  The IR is more of a spot light and effective in smaller areas but does not spread to the edges in large pens.  With 10 height you can expect about a 50x50 maybe larger.  The cameras can be aided by very little extra light in the area.  Usually one light bulb will light the barn up as the cameras see better than we do.  Some of our cameras use Starlight Vision.  This gives a better image on low and IR lighting than conventional IR cameras.

How does the equip8ment hold up outside or in a barn?

Our weatherproof cameras and transmitter units are used because they hold up. Unlike new startup companies, Riverwind has been testing and selling solely barn cameras since 1997.  The equipment is all commercial or law enforcement grade.  It probably seems pricey compared to retail shelf equipment.  It's not even in the same league.  Our system prices are generally 1/3 of what a local bid would be for comparable equipment installed.

What if it does not work?

All of our products come with a money back guarantee. Try the system when you receive it. If it's not going to meet your needs, give us a call for an RMA number. All products have a one year warranty. See our terms and conditions for further.  Equipment is generally replaced at cost for life after the warranty period.



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