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High Definition Wireless Barn Camera System

This system does not require Internet nor Wi-Fi at the barn, but it does require Internet at your home.  The Wifi signal does not need to reach the house.  The included antennas will do that up to 3 miles line of sight.

For 20 years, Riverwind has designed and sold conventional wireless video systems that displayed straight to your TV.  Riverwind now offers a Wireless Network System that delivers superior HD video and ease of use straight to your smart-phones, tablets, laptops and computers.  To add phone connectivity to a traditional system see our wireless barn camera page.

This network system eliminates some of the pitfalls of the older video transmission system.

  • Even a poor Internet service will display HD resolution and high speed when you are at  home.  When away it depends on your Internet but it doesn't take much.

  • Multiple cameras will now display simultaneously on one screen, you select which you wish to view full screen.  No more camera rotation.  This makes focusing in on one animal much easier.

  • Up to 4, 8 and 16 camera systems.  Order all at once or add to the system over time.

  • Included 720p HD cameras now provide exceptional clarity.

  • Add or upgrade to high definition 1080p cameras.  You can mix cameras depending on the areas you need to cover.

  • Wide angle 90, 103 and 135 degree field of view camera options available for a variety of coverage

  • Wireless transmission ranges to 3 miles line of sight from the barn to the house.

  • May be placed off sight if you have Internet at the barn or at a line of sight location.

  • Includes Riverwind's highly reviewed remote-in tech setup and support.  No need to understand the router settings.  With safe licensed software, we remote into your PC and set it up.  When we hang up, you'll be watching them on your phone or computer.

  • Like our conventional system, your part of the set-up is made easy with color coding and tagged video connections.

  • One year warranty with a money back satisfaction guarantee.

How does it work?  Weatherproof HD analog cameras placed in or outside your barn are cabled to a video control unit.  We color code and tag all the connections for easy setup.  This commercial grade cable not only carries the video, it also feeds power to the cameras.  All power is centrally located at the control unit.  This control center connects to an external weatherproof antenna with Ethernet/Network cat5 cable.  A second weatherproof antenna mounts at your home within line of sight of the barn.  It is cabled with cat5 cable into and connects to your router. 

Your cameras are now visible on your local network (won't use data) when at home, or via the Internet when you're away.  You must have Internet through a router.  Aircards or hotspots will not work.  Cable, Phone Company, Satalite, Wirless local companys and 4G cellular router all work with the system.  As mentioned above, if you have a limited data Internet Service such as satalite or cellular, viewing in the "At Home" mode will not use data and will work if the Internet is down provided you have power at the house and barn.

 The video display on your Smart-phones and tablets through a free app, and on your Windows or Mac computer through your browser.  This system will not display on your TV unless you connect a laptop or computer to the TV's VGA or HDMI jack.  Or use a third party app to mirror your smartphone on the TV.

The control unit in the barn has no internal moving parts and is barn friendly although not weatherproof.  Full time or motion recording add on options are available.

The customer supplies sections of network cable locally.  These connect the antennas into the router at the house and the control unit at the barn.  This allows you to make your own cables or buy premade cable to fit your exact distance needs.  Cat5e Network cable (bulk or premade) can be purchased at most big box electronic or home improvement stores.  Click here for a wiring diagram of the system.


Customer video captures below, click to enlarge


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