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Cameras & Accessories

This page contains cameras and accessories only. If you are looking for a complete system please view our Wireless Barn Cameras or our Wired Barn Camera pages.

Replacement Transmitters and Receivers

If you purchased a Wireless System prior to 2013, it used an analog transmitter and receiver.  They no longer make these units or parts for them.  We do carry a digital version that we have sold since 2013 with great success.  They will work with your older cameras, cables and equipment.  Give us a call so we can explain the conversion process.  It's very simple but we want to be sure you're getting the correct equipment.

Digital Standard Range Weatherproof Transmitter and Receiver

  • 1000 feet line of sight
  • Available with or without audio
  • Both Units now weatherproof
  • Extended range upgrade available

Standard 1000 feet line of sight  $250

Extended Range 2000 feet plus (9dbi) $350

call to order


RCA Connector
BNC Connector
Weatherproof Camera

Weatherproof Infrared Camera 1000 TVL, 720p HD and 1080p HD resolution

The camera incorporates the latest in Infra-red technology. Unit will produce high-resolution images during daylight or high-resolution light intensified images at night. The color IR will operate in a B/W IR mode in low or no light.  This camera is effective for stalls and short distances in IR mode.  This camera is rated at 65 ft. IR coverage.  Mounting this camera towards the ground will reduce the Infrared spotlight size.  Generally 12 ft. high mounted at 45 degree angle will give you a 20x20 IR spotlight.

HD 720p and 1080p cameras are for use with DVR's.  They will not work on our 2.4 wireless equipment.  If the DVR is in the barn connected via a wireless point out point, the HD cameras will work effectively. 

Our 1000 TVL cameras are HD ready and can be adapted to any TVI HD system should wireless video technology catch up with the cameras.

System Includes:  Camera built into weatherproof metal housing with Infra-red Emitters, mounting bracket and 12VDC power adapter.

  • Low Light: .0 lux & High Resolution: 1000 lines, 720p HD or 1080p HD
  • CCD camera with 3.6mm lens. 

We sell replacement cameras or cameras to add to a system.  We want you to call to order so we can be sure the connections will match your existing cables and system.  If you're replacing a broken out of warranty camera, chances are we'll replace it at a big discount


Weatherproof Infra-red Camera 1000 line resolution

Sequential Switching Unit

We only use AVE (American Video Equipment) switchers.  They ware spec'ed for use by the US Military and work well in a dusty barn.  This switching unit allows you to take the video from multiple cameras and combine them into a single output that rotates between all or selected cameras. This setup allows multiple cameras to operate on a single transmitter and receiver.  Rotation speed is adjustable from .5 to 20 seconds per camera. 

4 camera switching unit, video only $129.00

Switchers rarely fail.  If you're ordering to replace a defective switcher, you might want to call for tech help to be sure it's not a cable or power supply issue.

Sequential Switching Unit


Combination Power - Video - Audio cable

Shipping note.  If ordering other items, it will be cheaper to call. Shopping cart figures shipping as an individual purchase.

Our combination cable is a flexible wire that contains both the power and the video and if needed audio line.  This allows you to remotely place the camera, transmitter or receiver with the ease of running a single line to it. 

Don't use this to upgrade a cable length.  These are for replacements.  If using to extend another cable, call us so we can include the appropriate couplers.

100ACAB 100 Foot Audio/Video/Power Cable.  RCA with BNC adapter on video $29.99
100CAB 100 Foot Video/Power Cable BNC $29.99
50CAB 50 Foot Video/Power Cable BNC $19.99
12 Volt Power 12 volt 1 amp power supply for cameras transmitters and receivers $14.00
Combination Power - Video - Audio Cable

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