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Interference is no longer a problem

In October 2013, Industry changes forced Riverwind to switch to a Digital 2.4 Ghz transmitter/ receiver system.  This switch avoid all interference commonly associated the older analog 2.4 system.  In doing to we achieved greater distance and added the convenience of a weatherproof much sturdier transmitter and receiver, but the digital signal did cause us to give up detail.  You'll still have a workable image of what's going on and will not be plagued with the rolling screen the older systems experienced as other 2.4 appliances began sharing the frequency.  We have since added our High Def Network Wireless System  for those who want the higher resolution.  This video will show you first the traditional system transmitter operatiing in the lower D1 resolution, then at the 11 second mark, it switches to the same scene through our High Defenition Wireless Network System. 






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